10:50 AM - NOON

ROOM: 4th Floor Media Room

Coordinator: EmpowerLA
Speakers: Mario Hernandez, EmpowerLA; Mr. Chavez , Office of the City Clerk

Presentation includes the latest updates, challenges and opportunities  to the NC funding.

ROOM: 1070

Coordinator: Rhonda L. Spires, CFP®, Chair Outreach & Arts Committees & Member Land Use Committee Canoga Park NC
Moderator:  Michael R. Newhouse, Esq., Chair Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC), President Emeritus Venice NC.
Panelists:  Nick Greif, President Palms NC; Andrew Jhun, First Vice Chair Mid City West Community Council; Saaliha Khan, At-Large Representative & Vice President Canoga Park NC; Danielle Sandoval, Treasurer Central San Pedro NC & Secretary NC Budget Advocates; Bonnie Strong, Vice President, Chair Outreach Committee & Member Plum Committee Olympic Park NC

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council System presents a unique opportunity in participatory grassroots democracy in one of the largest and most dynamic cities in the world.  With over 1800 elected volunteers in the NC System The Movement is alive and well and the Future is in our hands. Join Neighborhood Council Leaders for a lively discussion and Q&A session on the Vision and Future direction of the Neighborhood Council Movement.  How do we increase civic participation, serve our stakeholders, activate voters and be effective advocates for change and the needs of our communities? How do we continue to build credibility of the NC System? How can we most effectively utilize technology in the movement?   Where can the power of the NC system grow?  and…..Much More!

ROOM: 1050

Coordinator: Charletta Butler & Carolyn Casavan
Presenters: John Biezins, Acting Chief, Code Enforcement Bureau, Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety; James McDevitt, Senior Housing Inspector, Los Angeles Housing & Community Investment Department; Marsha Jackson, Senior Street Services Investigator II, Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services

Learn how you can resolve code violation problems in your neighborhood, such as building and safety violations, illegal structures and additions. This workshop will also cover how a complaint driven system works and doesn’t work for the betterment of the neighborhood, what happens when a property sells, LADBS Building Permits and consequences to the community / city / owners for not pulling permits.

ROOM: 1040

Coordinator/Presenter: Ivan Spiegel, Parliamentarian

Running an effective meeting is an art, not a science. The group must accomplish real work, participants must have an opportunity to be heard, and they should believe that the process is fair. That’s a tall order for a meeting chair, especially if you have never managed a large public meeting. Nevertheless, these are essential skills for board presidents as well as committee chairs. Learn how to create a clear, descriptive agenda with time targets and ways of keeping your stakeholders aware of the procedures. Where does the Brown Act come into play and how does it help to ensure the integrity of your meetings? Robert’s Rules of Order is only one framework for fair meeting control; there are other options that can sometimes be more effective. Learn what role a parliamentarian can play to help plan a meeting. Tips and best practices on how to run a more effective meeting, most of which you can’t learn in a textbook.

ROOM: 1020

Coordinator/Speakers: Carmen Hawkins, Deputy City Attorney
Panelists: Vivienne Swanigan, Deputy City Attorney; Claudia Martin, Deputy City Attorney; Saba Kidane-Heritage, Dispute Resolution Program; Carmen Hawkins, Deputy City Attorney

Come meet members of the City Attorney's Team that work closely with Neighborhood Councils and learn the various services they provide.  The Neighborhood Council Advice Division serves as General Counsel to the Neighborhood Councils providing legal advice on contracts, leases, Brown Act, Public Records Act and Conflict of Interests matters.   The Neighborhood Prosecutors Program addresses quality of life issues that impact the NCs.  The Labor Relations Division and the Dispute Resolution Unit addresses NC internal dynamics.

ROOM: Public Works Board Room

Coordinator: Lisa Cahan Davis & Dorsay Dujon
Speakers: Lisa Cahan Davis, Chair Sustainability Committee, Studio City Neighborhood Council; Dorsay Dujon, CEO, Make Music LA

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. What is the purpose of the NC system outreach in your neighborhood? How does your outreach compare with the rest of the NCs across the City? This workshop will 1. Define NC Outreach; 2. How to Measure NC Outreach; 3. Expectations of NC Outreach to your Board and most importantly Stakeholders; 4. What the City Council expects to see when you appear before them on issues; 5. Establishing the "outreach system" so its easy, fun and continues on after you are out of office.

ROOM: 1010

Coordinator/Moderator: Marlene Savage
Speakers: Frank Bush, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety; Vince Bertoni, Planning Director, Los Angeles Department of City Planning

The two most communicated departments that neighborhood councils have to deal with on a day to day basis are the Department of City Planning and Building and Safety.  Come hear what our guest speakers, General Managers Vince Bertoni and Frank Bush, have to say about their departments and working with Neighborhood Councils.

ROOM: 1060

Speaker: Debra Bowen, former California Secretary of State

Do you know the secret to resenting our arguments in a way that maximizes your persuasive appeal?  Do you know what common mistakes can cause your audience to turn off before you finish your first sentence?  Do you get so nervous that you waste a chunk of the precious two or three minutes you have in a formal hearing? Or perhaps you have noticed most of an audience focusing on a handout and completely ignoring the speaker - do you know want to know the tricks for using handouts and visual aids properly? This is your chance to improve your communication skills without taking semester long classes in Persuasion, in Leadership, in Cross-Cultural Communication, in Non-Verbal Communication, and in Public Speaking.  You will leave this session knowing how to structure your arguments and what pitfalls you can readily avoid, and understanding the why behind what you are doing, so that you know how to evaluate a new situation.

ROOM: Council Chambers

Coordinator: Cindy Cleghorn
Speakers: OurLA2040 Team - Christopher Pina, Claire Bowin, Diana Kitching, Fabiola Inzunza, Lena Mik, Maidel Luevano, and Robert Keatinge

The General Plan is the constitution for development in the city. It is the heart and foundation of the city’s long-range vision for growth and serves as the basis for decisions that affect all aspects of our everyday lives – from where we live and work to how we move about. The City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning is about to embark on a four year process to update the General Plan. Updating the General Plan will ensure that we continue to grow in the best way possible and will give everyone an opportunity to shape our future together.
This workshop will cover an overview of the General Plan content and process and a discussion on the best ways to have your voice heard throughout the next four years.

ROOM: 1035

Coordinators: Glenn Bailey, President, Northridge East NC; & Suzanne Lewis, Chair, Events & Outreach, Neighborhood Council Valley Village
Speakers:  Lorraine Curry, Treasurer, Empowerment Congress Central Area NDC; Bill Hopkins, Chair Emergency Preparedness, Granada Hills North NC; Leonard Shaffer, Board President, Board of Neighborhood Commissioners

When a major natural disaster or widespread emergency occurs, first responders may not be available to attend to every need for several hours, if not days.  How can Neighborhood Councils  better prepare their stakeholders to deal with such an eventuality?  This workshop will explore such resources currently available, both in the public and private sectors, and how best to share that information with your stakeholders.  CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program, 5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness plans, disaster preparedness drills and fairs, and participation in the new NC Emergency Preparedness Alliance are just a few examples that will be covered during this workshop.